Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Its finally starting to sink in....i am a racing driver!!

Hello all,

Just a quick update! I had a fantastic practice session at Stowe circuit, Silverstone on Saturday where as well as some intructor tuition we were actually allowed in the cars on our own and we even practiced racing starts off the grid! It was an exhausting day but I learnt a lot (such as heel and toe!) and hopefully I can get another session in the car before my first race at Pembrey on the 28th! (thats so soon)
I have to say as well as the excitement, the odd nerve is starting to creep in about the first hairpin at Pembrey - I can just see all 16 of us flying up to the first corner, all crashing and the race being red flagged!
Anyway, with regard to sponsorship I am just about sorted now - It has been tough however raising the £12,00 (plus VAT) to pay for my part in the Championship and it has dawned on me how difficult motorsport is to break into because of all the money involved. As well as Laverton Properties, InTechnology and Blacks Solicitors I have also approached a company called eyeonit who install on board cameras in race cars as well as for the police. I am therefore having a camera attached to my car for the races which should be brilliant and I will hopefully be able to watch the race back and see where I went wrong or right as the case may be!

Thank you again for reading and your support. Feel free to leave me a comment!

Jen x